If My Work-In-Progress Were A Song

Music is a central part of my WIP so I wanted to remind myself what the protagonist would have been listening to the year the novel takes place. I looked up Billboard’s Top 20 Songs of 2012 and there it was. A song I’d completely forgotten about. A song I listened to a lot that year (and the next). A song that perfectly sums up what my entire novel is about.

The official video for the song is cool – with two fencers dressed all in black (which perfectly represents the inner conflict of my protagonist!), but I chose to show you this live acoustic version instead (less production, more clarity on the lyrics). If I were to write this WIP as a song, instead of a 60,000 word novel, it would go something like this Alex Clare song, “Too Close”.

Don’t you love the power of music? How it can speak to so many people, and yet make each one feel as though the song was written just for them?

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