My Short Review of Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay (from

Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

If you only read two of the essays in this book, read “Tragedy. Call. Compassion. Response” (near the end), and then the very last essay, “Bad Feminist: Take Two.” Beautifully expressed, particularly her pages about Amy Winehouse.

An excerpt (my favorite bit from the whole book): “There is a girl who was a woman, but really she was a girl. She was a girl because she was only twenty-seven, had only lived a third of a life. She had a voice like fine whiskey and cigarettes might sound like. She had a voice that made me think of dark, secret nightclubs where you need to know a guy to gain admittance, where musicians gather closely on a small stage and play their instruments for hours in a haze of sweat and cologne, booze and smoke, while a singer, this girl-woman singer, stands at the microphone, giving those gathered the exceptional gift of her voice.

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