Since September

“A disturbing tale of insanity.” – Barbara Green

“Dark and disturbing, Since September is a short, sharp shock to the brain. Brilliantly written from the first person perspective, it takes a look in to the mind of a woman following the death of her mother. Voices and images come and go, the reader never quite sure what’s real and what isn’t. The story keeps you guessing until the very end. If you like Stephen King, you’ll love Since September! Read during daylight hours. You have been warned!” – Rae Gee

“…a well-written psychological thriller” – Shayla

For Sheridan St. John, things just haven’t been the same since September. It’s early autumn when wall-flower Sheridan and her perfect best friend, Cyndi, move to the city to begin their lives as young adults. On their own for the first time – and away from the harsh criticisms of Sheridan’s mom – the girls are enjoying their new independence. But after a wild night partying, Sheridan’s grip on reality starts to weaken. When a gruesome tragedy then strikes her family, she’s convinced it’s all been an epic nightmare… one from which she must awaken if she is to survive.

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