My Crossword Puzzle

Since the work-from-home mandate started a few weeks ago, the one thing I miss about going to the office is doing the daily crossword puzzle with coworkers. Last night I decided to try my hand at creating one myself. I’m not sure how it will print from here (it wasn’t easy getting it on the website), but hopefully someone will give it a try (or even just write your answers down). I will post the answers in a day or two.

1. 1st word in a Supremes song2. Sally’s ____, song written by Mary Chapin Carpenter & Cyndi Lauper
6. ZZ Top tune3. Song from Aerosmith’s Permanent Vacation album
8. Hot ___, Fiona Apple song with her sister in the video4. Has Anyone Ever ___ Anything For You, by Stevie Nicks
9. Part of an Eagles song, or the name of a movie starring Brad Pitt5. ___ in You, from Shawn Mullins’ Soul’s Core album
10.Part of a song by Jerry Lee Lewis, recorded on a record label I worked for7. ___ Girl, by Fiona Apple
11. My favorite Eagle12.Mary had a little one
14. Sia song13. What Prince heard crying?
15. She wears high heels when she exercises14.Cyndi Lauper hit whose writer asked me to be in her band (3 wds)
18.Caught a ___ Sneeze, from Tori Amos’s Songs for Pele16.___ Baby, by Joan Osborne
19.There Goes the ___, by Sheryl Crow17.Nothing ___ 2U, Prince song made famous by Sinead O’Connor
20.Dido song with “White”21.Cry Me a ___, Jazz standard I recorded with my husband
22.Hit song cowritten by a man I was executive assistant for (3 wds)23.The name of a Shawn Mullins song, and a novel by Chuck Palahniuk
25.Building a ___, by Sarah McLachlan24. Skyline Shawn Colvin wrote a song about
26.Alanis Morissette song from the movie City of Angels27. Australian singer with a strange name who acted in Mad Max: Fury Road
30.With “All My”, a song written by a country star I once made tea for (2 wds)28.Giving Away a ___, song by Canadian singer songwriter, Luba
34.Mr. ___, song from the Tori Amos album that has her holding a rifle on the cover29.___ So Long, from Jewel’s 2nd studio album
35.Musical trio that includes Shawn Mullins31.Beautiful ___, by Kelly Clarkson
37.___ Came Home, Grammy Award winning Shawn Colvin song inspired by the painting that became the album cover32.British band, Right Said ___
38.St. ___ from Joan Osborne’s Relish33. Anne Murray song, or the name of a person who winters in FL
40.My favorite Sarah McLachlan song36.___ Eyes, 1979 song by Robert John
41.Mr. Holland’s ___, a song I cowrote, inspired by the Richard Dreyfuss movie with a similar name39.St. ___, my favorite Aerosmith song
42.Title of a George Michael song about addiction
43.With “The”, band famous for the song “Break on Through”