About Shannon

Shannon received her B.A. in English and Psychology at Acadia University before moving to the United States. There, she spent 18 years working with bands, publishers, record labels and recording studios. She was the royalty administrator and bookkeeper for Sun Records for 6 years; the executive assistant to the manager of Hank Williams, Jr.; the receptionist for House of David recording studio, owned by David Briggs; and the background vocalist on 2 projects for Plantation Records (the record label that produced “Harper Valley PTA” in the 60s). She has recorded with Buck Reid (Lyle Lovett’s steel player); famous fiddler, Buddy Spicher; B.J. Thomas’s pianist; Joe Nichols’ bassist; Crystal Gayle’s guitarist; Wynonna Judd’s drummer; and a member of the Pirates of the Mississippi. In 2013, she self-published a psychological horror novella (under the pseudonym Noelle MacLeod), and returned to her homeland of Nova Scotia. She is now busy working on a novel.

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